Discipleship Training School

Spring 2017: March 19, 2017 – August 19, 2017

More Dates:
Fall 2017: September 17, 2017 – March 10, 2018

You must be at least 18 years old, or have completed high school, to attend the DTS.

Walking in Kenya
Where else can you take five months of your life and hand it over to Christ to work on? The live/learn environment equips believers to take their understanding of what it means to be a Christian and walk it out on a day to day basis. The community setting provides an opportunity to learn from other Christians, be encouraged by their walk, and let God develop you as a person and a leader all at the same time. The variety of international speakers and topics they teach allows for a firm, broad foundation to be built in a believer’s life.

Topics include: Hearing God’s Voice, Intimacy with God, Character & Nature of God, Spiritual Warfare, Evangelism, Healthy Relationships, Studying the Word, Intercession for the Nations, Teamwork & Servant Living.

395306_10150610542186602_1329909956_n touchedBut the DTS is not just about gaining more “head knowledge”! We take all that we learn in the lecture phase and bring it to the lost and unreached nations of the world. Our DTS outreaches have brought the life changing message of the Gospel to Bulgaria, Cambodia, China, Ethiopia, India, Kenya, Mexico, Scotland, Thailand, and many other places.

One DTS – Four Tracks

Within the DTS we are offering four tracks, allowing students the opportunity to focus deeper on one of the following: Pursuit – A Track For Men, Dance, Compassion and Justice, or Worship.

Pursuit – A Track for Men
Warrior. Adventurer. Poet. Leader. World-Changer.

David, as in King David, was known as a man after God’s own heart. David was confident in all that God has created him to be and called him to do. If you are looking for a place to discover all that God has created you to be, then “Pursuit” is the DTS Track for you!

“Pursuit” is a track within our DTS that is geared towards men. In addition to the classic DTS curriculum, “Pursuit” offers a time for men to gather together to be “iron that sharpens iron”. It is an opportunity to discover all that God has created YOU to do and how He wants you to walk it out in this generation! This track will provide time for development, adventure, spiritual strength building, mentoring by godly leaders who are walking it out, and so much more.

Do you dare to pursue the road less taken in order to discover all that God has in store for you? Join us, for an adventure that will encompass a lifetime!

Dance Track
11013261_10205709078389431_4435820655807859293_n touched 1Calling all dancers center stage! Let’s discover the spectacular beauty in movement together and worship Our Heavenly Father in a magnificent way! In this track you will focus on developing your dance techniques and have the opportunity to expand in different styles such as ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, contemporary, &more. All with the continuous enthroning of Jesus as our Lord and Savior and learning how to grow in your relationship with Him.

You will learn how to use the gift of dance in a biblical aspect and as a true form of worship, shinning the spotlight on Jesus. You will represent God’s Glory in your movement and through song choice. From our lectures in DTS, we will learn to display aspects of God’s character through our dances.

We want to make warriors for the Kingdom and see this world transformed through Christ! So let’s rise up dancers, put your dance shoes on! Bust a move!

Compassion + Justice (Children At Risk)
FullSizeRender smallEveryday we are faced with issues of injustice. It is all around us. Issues like human trafficking, poverty, orphan crisis, starvation, clean water and HIV/AIDS. The situations seem hopeless…overwhelming.

But wait! We are called to be world changers, to be salt and light! We are called to bring hope to dark and desperate places. And He who called us is faithful!

With the Compassion and Justice DTS we will cover these issues and more. We will seek the Lord and His heart for solutions on bringing awareness to those who do not know, and compassion to those who know all too well. Do you have a desire to make a difference in this world for Jesus? We do too. Come, let us make a difference together!

image1 resized smallGod’s word says, in Psalm 96:9, “Worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness.” Just like our other tracks, this one will cover everything you will find in a classic DTS, with an added emphasis on worship. We will have weekly seminars, led by an seasoned worship leader, with practical times of application that include opportunities to grow in musical gifting, leading worship, playing together as a community and even writing new songs. We recommend that you bring an instrument with you if you play, but it is not required.

Through this track, you will grow in your understanding and practice of true worship, and get God’s heart for the nations. We want to see true worshipers bringing light to dark places of the earth. Join us in this journey!




Spring 2017 March 19, 2017 – August 19, 2017
Fall 2017 September 17, 2017 – March 10, 2018
Part of School
Estimated Cost in USD
Lecture Phase ~$3,590 (Includes Conference fees)
Airfare $2,400
Outreach Phase $2,000

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Phone: 1-704-291-2597
Fax: 1-704-225-0554

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